PR and reviews

“Ingeborg Børch is the fiery Carmen personified”

- 14/10 - 2014 ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎


"With a combination of rawness and professionalism, the cast create a version of Piazzola's miniopera, which keeps the audience in a well-functioning embrace until the happy end. Ingeborg Børch is perfectly cast as Maria. Despite the role of total eversion, she takes the leap - and wins everyone over. 

- Thomas Michelsen, Politiken October 2011 (Maria de Buenos Aires, Fynske Opera)

- Ingeborg Børch gets the most out of the smaller role as the assassin's sister. It is definitely a strength of the production that even these two, who are mostly portrayed as villains, have human traits."

- Review of Verdi's Rigoletto at Opera Hedeland by August 2021 

“Along with the Danish mezzo soprano Ingeborg Børch came more maturity and a more nuanced expression with her interpretation of the two characteristic roles from "Nibelungens Ring”, at the 1st Norne and Fricka”

- review of the Lauritz Melchior International Singing Competition Semi Final by John Christiansen, JC Klassisk 15/11-2017

“The internationally advancing mezzo soprano Ingeborg Børch was also very intimate with the men in the chorus when she gave full voice-power and invigorating sensual twist in Carmen's "Habanera" 

- Northwest News 04 /12-17

- Ingeborg Børch's beautiful mezzo nestles soothingly around the notes - Review of Verdi's Rigoletto at Opera Hedeland - ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

"The role as Maria and her own spirit is sung by Ingeborg Novrup Børch, who in the process for the preparation the role has learned to dance the tango. She reveals a big voice with big and effortless register along with great courage. She is wearing corsage, fishnet stockings and high heeled red shoes, and it can’t possibly be easy to sing big opera roles in that outfit - but she does and does it well "

  • Knud Jakobsen, Berlingian Times ★★★★★

- The soprano Ingeborg Børch took the lead in an otherwise uneven setup of the Piazzolla opera Maria de Buenos Aires”

  • Maria de Buenos Aires, at the Funen Opera - 29/10-2011 The Jutland Post

"Intense Carmen in modest setting" ⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎

- Royal Danish Opera + Guidopera July 2014 - Ribe, Denmark

"... The Operetta genre requires good acting, preferably without too much air on the voice - and most importantly impeccable comic timing. Particularly invigorating is Ingeborg Børch in the role Madam Sommer, who comes across with a general love of acting and leaves nothing to be desired."

- Copenhagen Culture, August 2015, “An Adventure in Rosenborg Garden" - Copenhagen Opera Festival

"Grand Voices in Chamber-size ... As Laura, Alvise's wife but in love with Enzo, the young Ingeborg Børch poured out golden mezzo-tones”

"Ingeborg Børch does an excellent job as “Laura” - especially in the ensembles”

- Lennart Bromander, The magazine Opera 15 / 08-2015 (La Gioconda - Amilcare Ponchielli - Operafabriken)

“The supporting roles in the cosmopolitan ensemble - the experienced and precise Ingeborg Børch, the two assistant tenors Marcus Birgersson and Henrik Lagercrantz, together with the bass Dmitriy Li - fell well into the overall delivery of the show”. 

- Sydsvenskan 08/12 - 2015 - review of Operafabrikens production of Verdi’s Otello

- "Ingeborg Børch spread joy with his colorful personality like Adina's friend Gianetta” – Ystads Allahanda June 2013 (L’elisir d’amore – Donizetti – Guidopera)

- Ingeborg Børch and Sofie Elkjær Jensen both managed to deliver a vocally high-level and beautiful performance - and still present it in a both cheerful and atmospheric fashion, so even those those less familiar with the operaworld had a wonderful evening

  • July 2013 West Coast News, Denmark